Glacier Bay Alaska

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Carnival Dream and Ports

 This is the ship we spent a week on, the Carnival Dream.
  We started of in Port Canaveral, Florida
  While everyone was asleep I roamed the deck
and captured this Caribbean sunrise.
This would have been somewhere off the Florida keys.
 Riley, Mom and me in Cozumel
 Fidel Castro was there to meet us
 Finished our shopping in Cozumel
 Trisha and Mom at Dinner on the ship
 At port in Belize
At port in Honduras

 The ships photographer wanted to be in our picture
 These boys followed us around and served as our guides,
they said they were brothers (Alvin and Maroni).
Riley wanted to swim.
 Rob, Riley, April, Laurie, Mom, Trisha, and Me.
Do you like my sporty board shorts?
Another beautiful sunrise.
 The pier to nowhere at Costa Maya, Mexico.
These two ships came in just after the last picture.
You could swim with the dolphins.
The gang having nachos
 Last day at sea and caught this sunrise.
 Had water slides on the ship.
Riley went down several times.
 This kid tried to escape the tidal wave but was knocked over.
 Pretty scary huh?
 Don't look to bad when we clean up.

River Tour in Belize

River Tour in Belize

 Howler Monkeys
 Those are bird nests hanging from the palm tree
 Howler Monkeys
The male is the golden one
 Male Iguana

 The water was muddy so we could only see the Manatee when they came up to breathe.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins in Belize

 Trisha and I took a tour of some Mayan Ruins 30 miles north of Belize City.
This is the English translation of Altun Ha. The city was first built around 250 BC.
 While digging for gravel to build the Trans American Highway they discovered this sight
 This is what the area looked like before excavation.
There's a building under this hill.
 Just the steps have been uncovered on this temple.
 Part of the wall the goes around the sight.
 The lighter stones on the right are original and the ones behind me where reconstructed.
This is the Temple of the green tomb.
 They just started this mounds excavation.
The Temple of the Masonry Altars.
Building across from Temple of the green tomb.
Walls around a living area
There were several of these type of windows in the walls. 
I can't remember what he told me they were for or represented.
Me in front of the Temple of the Masonry Alters.
Trisha in front of temple
There were several of these carvings of the Sun God, Kinich Ahua.
At the corner of the temple.

 Trisha ran up to be in the picture where we climbed to the top of the temple
On top of the Temple looking down into the courtyard.
 I don't look like a tourist do I?
 Trisha wanted to do a yoga stance to get in touch with the spirits.
 Looking back to courtyard "A"
 The Mayan performed sacrafices and other cerimonies on top of this temple.
The archeologists found several pieces of jade on top.

 Inside they found a tomb and the largest jade statue ever found at any Mayan ruin.
 (6" high and 9 3/4 pounds).