Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sorry but no pictures, I discovered that one actualy has to pick up a camera once in awhile.
I'm sure the grapevine has spread about the good news by now. Steven and Brooke called a couple of weeks ago and asked why we haven't been checking our mail and asked us to please go out and check it and then call them back. We discovered a package with a willow wood figure of a small child holding a ballon that said "congrats". Laurie asked what this was suppose to mean and I informed her that it was Steve's and Brooke's way of informing us that we were going to be granparents. We are so excited for them and are looking forward to May when the baby comes. So Laurie and I are joing the fraternity of grandparents, boy if those words don't make you feel old.


Sunshine and 70 Degrees said...

It won't make you feel old. Actually, it will make you feel young and funny and silly-just look at Tom!
Being a grandparent is the best thing to ever happen to us!

Tom and Mary

Liz's Blog said...

Ya'll will be great grandparents!!! Just do what my Dad did when told him that I was pregnant...yes for all you readers...I was married =) So I called home to Florida and told my Dad that I was pregnant...and he quickly told me that he would never be a to this day, my son is son calls his grandfather Charlie...his name. LOL!!!! The have a great time together and love their dad just didn't want the stigma of being called Grandpa everywhere he went.. plus its kinda funny when a 3yr old is going around yelling for Charlie to come play with him.

Give me a call my Aunt! I miss our chats =)
Love you ALL tons! XOXO