Glacier Bay Alaska

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sammy 1993-2008

Today is a sad day, our family has lost a beloved companion. We would tease the little guy by calling him pig because he had a pot belly and would grunt. We also referred to him as a little polar bear. From the day we got him he became Trisha's dog and after she left for college he became Laurie's constant companion. We had bought him a set of pet stairs so he could climb up on our bed. He was a loving member of our family for fifteen years and we will miss him very much.


Sunshine and 70 Degrees said...

ALthough those four legged companions can't talk to us they in their own way speak volumes with their unconditional love. I know your dog was an important part of your every day life and will be missed.

With sympathy,
Tom and Mary

Chris and Taina said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sammy. It was really hard for me when Tosh died. Maybe you guys need to get another dog! I hope everything is going better for you guys. We miss you.