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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Utah

This is the first time in over four years that all our family has been together for the holidays. Laurie and i decided to head up to Utah and spend Christmas with the kids. Steven and Brooke have just moved to West Jordan from Logan after Brooke graduated. Steven is working at the hospital in jordan waiting to start his radiology program next year in St George. Andrew and Trisha are still in Ogden attending Weber and are working on finishing up their degrees. Riley will graduate from high school this May. It was fun spending time with them and dropping in on Nana and Papa, Josie and Lon, Brooke's family, and of course we had to stop in and see Presley. We appologize to other family that we didn't see during this trip but the snow kept faslling while we were there and we didn't want to slid around to much. We hope that everyone will at least drive up to Park City this July for the celebration so we can see everyone there.

We didn't have any trouble finding a place to park. Utah is so nice to tripple the parking possibilities with senior and Pregnant mother parking along with the handicap parking that is available.

Andrew has a new roommate, a ball python.

We drove over to see Presley but Noah and Monica thought they should be in the picture also. Isn't she the cutest baby.

We stayed at Trisha's apartment and celebrated there Christmas Eve where we exchanged gifts. Notice that Andrew has his new friend with him.

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Desirae, James, JoZee, and Katie said...

Brooke is so skinny for being 5 months pregnant! I wish I would have looked that good! Yikes! A snake, somebody help that poor kid, he is choking-----he still smiles for the camera though ha! Looks like a wonderful family, Happy New Year!