Glacier Bay Alaska

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wilnter Still Here

After the last couple of weeks with spring like weather I was getting concerned that this might be a short winter but then we woke up to to this. I like the winter here in Montrose because It's enjoyable and I only have to drive 6 miles to work.


Sunshine and 70 Degrees said...

I agree Bill the winters here are wonderful. Just enough snow to live in 4 seasons but not too much that you want to move south.

Love the pictures!


Sunshine and 70 Degrees said...

That was weird to get a verification with numbers thru sound...I think I like the word verification better.

Wherenext With Lon and Josie said...

Nice pictures, beautiful but I hate to say I only like looking at the snow and hate the cold. Sunshine and me are best friends, I think better and I am happier in the sun. Hope all is well with you and Laurie. Love Josie

Taina said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I wish we all lived closer so we could get together for Holidays and special occasions. Someday! I LOVE your snowy pictures! I miss the snow...and the cold. I know that sounds CRAZY, but I love it!!