Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grandma Wilson's 100th Birthday Celebration

Andrew and Alyssa the cute engaged couple.

Isn't this the cutest family? Steven, Brooke, and Peyton.

"Blue Steel"

Grandpa holding his little buddy.

Trisha and I went golfing in Park City, were not going to mention what we shot except that we had fun. Aunt Josie and Papa were in our foursome and we promised to keep their score private also.

Our newest family group shot.

We thought we would add a little silliness to the photo shoot. We have more pictures with Grandma taken by a professional that'll be posted later.

Come on boys you can push these girls.

The family reunion/birthday party for Grandma turned out great. The family stayed at the resort which was huge and confusing to get around. We stayed in town at our timeshare. We got to see family that we hadn't seen in years. We got to see the preview to the book being put together by Tylor with stories and pictures presented by the family. I presented the genealogy and everyone enjoyed the work I had done. Everyone added to the information for their families and gave me email addresses so I could send them copies of the finished work. We sat around and told stories of grandma and the family. It was a great experience enjoyed by all and those who helped organize the event should be happy because it was wonderful.

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