Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Update

I took some time off this week so I could help Riley look for a new car. A girl ran a red light and hit Riley a month ago and totaled the Dodge Intrepid, nobody was hurt but this put us out having to find a replacement car. There isn't much out there to choose from because of the economy and everyone holding on to what they have. We finally settled on a black Chevy Cobalt four door. Riley left yesterday to head back up to Ogden, with his new car, where he lives and works at Best Buy. He is doing great and has made some friends up there. Trisha was accepted into the Pharmacology Tech program in St George and still plans to pursue the Radiology Program next year. I think she is really looking forward to the Winter season of southern Utah rather than all the snow and ice of Ogden. She is performing volunteer work and will sometimes even work at the Bishop's Storehouse with her Gram and Pa Smith. She is so excited that she has even more family moving down with Steven being accepted into the Radiology Program this year. Steven, Brooke , and Peyton drive down this week for orientation and will start classes in January. They are hoping to find an apartment to rent while they are down. Peyton has grown so much during these last 6 months and looked so cute as Winnie the Pooh for Halloween this year with Steven as Tiger and Brooke as Piglet (see their web page). I wished we lived closer so we could spend more time with them and our grandson. Andrew and Alyssa are settling into married life and have moved into a larger apartment. Andrew is continuing his education in Criminal Justice while Alyssa is now pursuing cosmetology. She needed some flexible hours so that she could spend more time preparing for the baby they are expecting in June. This will be our second grandchild and we are so excited for them. Andrew and Alyssa both have promised that she is not allowed to ride the scooter anymore. Laurie and I have been attempting to get our house and property ready for winter. Last weeks storm dropped close to 8 inches on us us but has since warmed up and melted away. We didn't do any canning this year because laurie hasn't been feeling well. The doctors are trying to switch some of her medications so if this will help. I'm still working hard for the government and have taken on a special project which has added to my time at work, an extra 13-15 hours a week. I'm helping document our offices compliance to federal regulations. The government doesn't want anymore blackouts and wants to ensure we are protected from cyber attacks. It seems the harder I work the more time I find myself planted in a chair and staring at computer screens and less time enjoying nature. The only exercise I've gotten is when I loaded 5 tons of hay to feed to our two horses during the winter. I still work at the genealogy library every week and I'm still attempting to get a genealogy web page up and running for the families. Hoping to get our camera back this week when Laurie's parents come up to visit. Trisha is coming up with them which will be great because she's my favorite daughter and I can't wait to hear her stories of chasing the Backstreet Boys in Phoenix.


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