Glacier Bay Alaska

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is Kale Andrew Wilson our second grandson. He was the main reason that Laurie and I traveled to Utah. We finally got to see him in person and to hold him. Andrew and Alyssa would send us pictures by phone but it was great to hold and play with him. Kale has gotten to see family and to meet his cousins on Alyssa's side of the family but he told me he wants to meet this Peyton that his grandpa keeps talking about.

Grandma Laurie holding Kale.

The proud father holding his son.

Here's Kale in his first 5 generation photograph.

Finally we convinced Kale's mother Alyssa to get in front of the camera.

We had a wonderful trip and Alyssa and Andrew came over every day so we could hold Kale. I'm hoping with my new job that I'll be able to take more time off so I can see my kids and grand kids more often. Alyssa, Andrew, and Kale are having family pictures taken soon so I'll be posting them as soon as we get them.


Brooklynne and Steve said...

We're so excited to see Kale next month! Yay!!

Ray and Dave said...

Grandparents. Way to go.