Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our kids sent this picture of them getting together during Easter. Where Brooke and Alyssa are I can only guess that at least one of them is behind the camera. We did receive some other pictures of everyone enjoying the warm weather and swimming. Way to rub it in, Our part of the country hasn't heard it's Spring yet, it has been snowing off and on today. Our fruit trees are in bloom, the tulips and daffodils are in bloom, and the grass is starting to to turn green again. I weeded one of our flower beds the only way I prefer and that's with fire, at least I didn't have to get on my hands and knees.

I thought I'd be less tired after accepting a promotion and switching to straight days. I seem to be working longer hours and getting less done. Work has had to hire several new employees due to people leaving because of illness, retirement or promotions. This means that I have even more work to perform because I'm the trainer in our office. We have our newest employee showing up in about two weeks. We market energy for a company here in the West who has a new coal plant coming on-line next week which has been occupying a lot of my time because we have to insure operating procedures and accounting practices are in place and working. This includes all the computer software programing that needs to take place. I'm leaving town this week for Redwood, California for a conference and software demonstration. Laurie wonders where I'm at most days because she used to set her clock when I left for work and came home, now she never knows when I'm working or will be home. Now that I'm management I receive phone calls at all hours whenever there is a problem at work and sometimes I have to drive in to the office to help solve an issue. Hopefully things will start to slow down.

Laurie has been filling better since here IV port has been replaced. The old one was getting infected and we tried antibiotics but the infection didn't seem to go away so the doctor removed it and put in a pic-line for a few weeks before surgically implanting a new port. Now Laurie has the problem with not wanting to leave her bedroom. She's developed a phobia of going anywhere, even outside in our own yard. We are heading to Utah in June for an appointment in Salt Lake City at University Hospital for Laurie. We hope they can help us somehow. We'll be there for about a week and hope to spend time with Andrew & Alyssa and other family.

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The Slider Family said...

Working too much is never fun...and let Laurie know she is always in our prayers. Love you guys!