Glacier Bay Alaska

Monday, August 22, 2011

Visited Andrew and Alyssa this summer and decided to take in Alyssa's words a short walk to the park. I swear it was over three miles up hill both directions in almost 100 degree weather so we could take some family pictures. I just know I need to do this more often so my legs and feet don't hurt. We had fun walking around and trying to keep Kale from swimming in the creek. I hope they enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.

Kale is so inquisitive just like all 1 year olds. He is so excited with life and everything around him.

Kale in his famous kneeling pose.

Proud Grandpa Bill with Kale, Trisha and Andrew. My most favorite kids and grandson. Don't tell Steven and Riley or Peyton and Braydon I said that.

Such a happy little man.

Kale just loves his Aunt Trisha. This was the day before she had her heart surgery.

Okay, we'll stop taking pictures and walk back to the house. He's really crying because mom wouldn't let him crawl into the creek.

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