Glacier Bay Alaska

Monday, December 5, 2011

Patricia Yvonne Fortin Wilson
Born December 5, 1932
Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota

Everyone should have a naked baby picture of themselves posted for everyone to have a laugh or "isn't she so cuuuuute". I found this in my Fortin family collection along with other photos so I'm assuming it's my mother.

Mom looks around 3 in this picture. Don't know who the boy is or the name of the dog.

I need to clean this photo up.

High School Graduation photo 1950

Dad,Mom, and Mike around 1953-54

Great Grandfather Albert Fortin, Grandfather Roy Fortin, Mom, and Mike (1953-54)

Grandmother Helen Smith Fortin and Mom (early 60's)

Dancing with Mom at Laurie and My wedding (1981)

Mom and Dad during one of their trips to Hawaii (early 80's)

Dad and Mom (Christmas 2010)

Just wanted to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that I have of growing up, traveling cross-country to visit family, camping, helping me with my paper route when I was to lazy to get up, letting us have pets in the house, not telling Mike I killed his fish, encouraging me to get an education, strengthening my testimony with your charity and service, supporting me when I played in the band and orchestra, always making sure I had a hot meal, shaving my head every summer so I wouldn't be hot, teaching me to play games and enjoy life, you coming to visit and being a part of my children's lives, us traveling to see you, giving me a love for genealogy, always being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I'm sorry I broke your ankle when we were building the porch. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I want you to know I love you.

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