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Saturday, May 28, 2016

On Oahu with Dad

After a wonderful week on the island of Maui we then flew over to Oahu and drove north to Laie where we had rented another beautiful house.

The house had a pool overlooking Puehuehu Bay 

 The pool water was around 83 degrees but felt nice

By getting up early every morning I had the chance to read

Taken from the porch outside our room

Sunrise on Oahu

On our side of the point our house was a rocky shoreline but a 2 minute walk to the other side brought us to this beach

Bill and Lon catching some fish by the house

The 5 of us drove inland and toured the Dole Plantation
  It takes 2 1/2 years to grow   

Driving back we stopped at Waimea Bay
to take a look at the Banzai Pipeline where the surfers tackle the big waves. It was such a calm beach I asked a local where were the big waves and he told me we were there the wrong time of year, that it was during the winter when they surf here.

It was a short walk back to the top of the beach
 with Josie and Susan




New Zealand (Maori)



Playing the Ukulele
means jumping flea (because of the hand movements)
adapted from the Portuguese guitar
climbing a coconut tree
Welcome to the island of the Maori

This palm leaf after softening was woven into many items

Bill's interpretation of a Fijian dance

Welcome to the Ali'i Lu'au

removal of the pig

sitting at our Ambassador table

We drove down to Pearl Harbor but were unable to go out to the USS Arizona Memorial because of rough water in the harbor.

model of the Arizona Memorial

Arizona's ship bell

Pearl Harbor Peace Memorial

Punchbowl National Cemetery

View of Honolulu from the Punchbowl

Laurie at he Halona Blow Hole


The Hawaii Temple at Laie built in 1919

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