Glacier Bay Alaska

Monday, April 26, 2010

Moh and Shaggy

The hot wire was down and the horses had fun with the fence.

I guess I'll have to replace this post.

We had the horses isolated to the dry corral and they got bored this winter and decided to eat anything made of wood. I found some pipe fence panels like the one shown above and bought them to replace the wood rail fencing I have. After I'm done, the property will be 2/3 metal fence. I'm trying to find some kind of wood treatment to paint the posts so they stop eating them. My neighbors think it's funny how the horses behave. The last two years they busted through the wood picket fencing we have between the house and the pasture and they were helping themselves to our garden. We have to fence in the orchard we are attempting to develop because they think the fruit is grown for them. We love the country but as you can see we have a lot to learn about having horses. I'm not even going to talk about the sprinkler system in the pastures which the horses think are just toys to kick.

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