Glacier Bay Alaska

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall is such a fun time of year. Ive been to lazy to decorate the house for the different holidays so I have no pictures to show. We plan on kids coming over every year but nobody knocks on our door. We have families in the neighborhood that think Halloween is a satanic holiday and won't let their kids celebrate. The others go into town where they can hit more houses in a shorter amount of time and the church has the trunk or treat every year. Laurie, Riley and I just ate all the candy in the bowl and didn't dress up. I always have a costume in mind every year but fail to dress up. We did receive one special trick or treater this year. This year I went to answer the door and there was the cutest little lamb at the door. It was so good to have Andrew and Alyssa drive down and visit.

Alyssa, Andrew and Kale

Andrew and Kale doing their best impression of Boyz-n-the-Hood impressions

Brooke, Steven and Peyton 2010 Family photo

Peyton dressed as the Joker this year. He sure has that don't be to serious look down. I heard Steven was dressed as Two-Face but we don't have any pictures of Him or Brooke.

This is the Gang Green Girls of St George, be careful their contagious.

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