Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We traveled to St. George, Utah this year for the holidays to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Who knew that Utah was going to be hit by several storms and that we would be enjoying a white Christmas in St. George. It was so cold that the water pipes in Trisha's apartment froze, luckily they didn't break. We went out to eat at Golden Coral for lunch with the family and then headed over to Rick and Kathleen's house for desert and opened some gifts. We celebrated Christmas with Emmett and Jackie and then had a "fa ra ra ra ra " lunch at a Chinese buffet. It was nice to sit around and talk with family and enjoy our kids and grandson. So much so that I didn't take a lot of pictures.

Looking north of St. George after the snowstorm

Uncle Riley just loves Peyton

Peyton loves Santa

I went for a hike early in the morning while everyone
was still sleeping and thought the Temple looked nice
from this viewpoint.

Laurie really liked that I got the American flag in this one

Laurie felt sick after lunch and Brooke had to go to work

Rob & April's whole family traveled this year. Everyone drove back to Las Vegas after the gathering. Rob & April came back to see True Grit with us and then said their good byes. Rob and April are leaving for United Emirates to help put a flight training school for the Arabs for three years. Good luck with this new adventure!

Peyton came to visit at our hotel

Andrew, Alyssa and Kale
Andrew had to work and the family was not able to drive down but we love them anyways

Kale wants to know where the presents are


The Slider Family said...

So good to see you all had a woderful time. I LOVE the pictures of the Temple!Love you guys!

Mary said...

Looks like a happy family! Happy New Year and hopefully you'll have many more trips this year to visit again.