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Friday, September 23, 2011


This post is dedicated to my favorite daughter Trisha who continues to bring laughter into my life. I have neglected her and felt she deserved her own post.

Trisha with her two favorite nephews Peyton and Kale. Steven and Andrew felt they needed to be in the picture because Trisha is known to be a butterfinger and thought she might drop them.

After her first cardial ablation surgery this August at University Hospital in Salt Lake City. The surgeon was unable to burn the bad path which has caused her to have an abnormal heart beat causing her to be diagnosed with Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrom.

On our way home we stopped by to see Great Grandma Wilson who just turned a young 102.

Trisha in her redneck attire. See what happens when you move to a small town.

Trisha was called by her cardiologist to return to Salt Lake City because they wanted to try again with another surgery. We decided to play one last round of golf together so we played in 95 degree weather in St George. I should have let her win but I beat her by two strokes. She continues to tell everyone we tied.

Trisha in her room at Primary Children's Hospital after a successful crio (freezing) ablation. The doctor found two bad paths on her heart and said she now only has a 10% chance of having a problem. The next photo shows where they froze the heart to destroy the bad paths. Each dot is a 1 mm ablation. The long things are the instruments inside her heart. The doctor gave Trisha the tool she used to perform the surgery.

This is when we were leaving the hospital after they wired Trisha up with a heart monitor. We called the airport to insure they would let her on the plane and not arrest her for trying to bring a bomb on board. Ashley drove up from Montrose to be with Trisha.

As we were leaving the hospital Trisha had her picture taken with another super hero. She said she felt like Ironman after her heart surgery.

Trisha says she hasn't felt better in her life and has started to run and said she didn't have to stop because of her heart racing or shortness of breath but because her muscles actually hurt. Look out grandpa you might have another runner in the family.

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