Glacier Bay Alaska

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thirty years ago I met the most wonderful person and we got engaged.

Three months later we were married in the Arizona Temple on October 24, 1981

Thirty years later I'm still in love with this young girl who stole my heart. I know I don't tell Laurie how much I love her often enough. We have four wonderful children that have given us even more joy in our lives. The oldest two have married wonderful women who have given us three grandsons and another grandchild on the way. We have had such wonderful times these last thirty years as a couple and hope to have many more together. I haven't mentioned our kids or grand children's names because this post isn't about them. Even with the difficulties that life has thrown at us and the illnesses that have befallen Laurie I love her more than anything and I'm glad I'm here to make life comfortable for her and plan on many more years of marriage where we can enjoy each other while we watch our children's families grow and we can enjoy the times we can share with them and our grandchildren.

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The Slider Family said...

I really admire you two and your love for eachother. You really never know what true love is all about until you pass through the depths of hell and back again...together. It's easy to love when times are easy, but there's nothing like showing true love through the hard times...that's when you know it's real love! Happy 30th!!