Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birth of Jordynn

We had a wonderful time this week. We were invited to be at the hospital when our first granddaughter was born. We received a call at our hotel room at 5:00 am Monday morning from Steven to meet him at the hospital. I dropped off Laurie who went up and was in the room when Jordynn was born. I loaded up Peyton and Bradyn and brought them back to the hotel where Trisha and I  took them to eat breakfast and then changed into our swim suits and played with them in the hotels pool.

After returning from the pool and having a nutritious meal from Wendy's we got the call to bring the boys to the hospital to meet their new sister.

Peyton wasn't to sure about his sister the first day but when we took him back  the next day all he wanted to do was hold baby Jordynn.


 Brooke and Steven the proud parents

 3 Generations

Grandma Laurie is so happy to have a granddaughter

Here are the proud Grandparents and Aunt Trisha

 Had fun in the pool with the boys. I haven't swam this much since lived in Phoenix. If I spent more time with my grandchildren I don't think I would have a weight problem because they kept me on my toys all the time. I too Peyton and Bradyn to McDonalds and thought I was going to have to climb up and retrieve the boys because they wouldn't come down.

Andrew and Alyssa came down to Nana and Papa's to celebrate Alyssa's birthday and we watched Kale and Krew while they went to the movies. We drove over to the ponds and fed the ducks a loaf of bread. I had my hands full keeping Krew from jumping in and swimming with the ducks. I don't know if Kale had more fun throwing bread at the ducks or chasing them.

We came back to the house and Papa brought out Nana's golf clubs and we practiced hitting balls in the backyard.

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