Glacier Bay Alaska

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Peyton's 4th birthday bash at Chucky Cheezes
Do you think he loves "Cars"

Brooke, Bradyn, Peyton, Steven

Kale, Alyssa, Andrew, Krew

Good looking family. Soon to have a little girl.
 Laurie and I will be up the weekend of the 7th for the birth of Jordyn our first granddaughter. Hope Brooke can hold out that long.

 While I was in Utah to celebrate Peyton's 4th birthday I was staying at my parents while Mom was going through another session of her chemo treatments. Family came down to visit and April even helped clean up and start organizing the garage and had a garage sale. You heard it, a garage sale. I didn't say Nana was happy it even brought tears at times but we got through it. It has been rough going for Mom and doesn't know when she will finally call it quits with the chemo. It has made her tired and sick. Josie and Susan have spent a lot of time taking care of Mom and Dad and April comes down to help whenever they aren't there. Laurie and I will be back up this next week to spend more time with Mom and Dad.

Krew, Andrew, Alyssa, Kale

What a nice 4 generation picture
Nana and Papa are doing fine

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